Fixed gear crit

Race report

Where do you start with describing the most technical and chaotic crit you have ever seen?

Maybe with a small little fun fact that Nathan provided: Düsseldorf is the city where the band Kraftwerk was founded and is a city very important to (German) electronical music.

The race itself felt a lot like being in a trance and dancing to vintage synths. With 3 full on hairpins every round and a course where you could barely fit two riders next to each other, it was certain that the race was gonna be special.

During recon everyone said the following words “This is sketchy”. And it kinda was, apart from a few crashes, the energy was real and the crowd was pretty wild.

The race started off with Tibo attacking from the gun, since he didn’t feel like riding in the pack and overtaking a lot of people this was his “strategy”. Luckily for him there was a prime lap in the second round and he got a full bag of goodies. Nathan and Brian started it a bit further in the field but enjoyed squeezing into tight corners and accelerating out of them just as much. Unfortunately a few crashes near them made it hard to get more to the front of the race. Admittedly the race felt more like a last man standing than an actual crit, but that’s what made it special. The spectators were shouting the rider’s team names and encouraging everyone to give their best.